Capriel Dedeian was an indefatigable musician. A guitarist, a composer, an arranger and a bandleader, a member of the Romanian Composers’ and Musicologists’ Union and an endorser for the wellknown Ibanez guitars.

For those who are not familiar with his musical pursuits and achievements, it’s worth mentioning that Capriel Dedeian (born in Bucharest, on December 19, 1960), started studying guitar by himself at the age of 14.

He discovered the beautiful world of jazz as a teenager, and his favorites were Romanian guitarist Radu Goldiș , Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Pat Martino, George Benson.

In 1976 he was co-opted in his first group, started by his older brother, the well-known saxophonist Garbis Dedeian, who always supported his musical progress as a jazz musician, alongside drummer Tudy Zaharescu and bassist Mario Dumitrescu.

Besides his guitar studies, Capriel began writing his own compositions, such as “Noaptea” (The Night), „Amintiri ’82” (Memories ’82) and “Cafeaua de dimineață” (The Morning Coffee).

In ’82, he founded his first jazz-rock quartet, with which he played in the  Bucharest clubs until ’84. Then, in the following years, he was invited to  jazz festivals in Braşov, Costineşti, Galaţi, Tg. Mureş, Craiova, Bucharest, Chişinău, Wien, Bruxelles, to perform concerts in Spain, Cyprus, a tour in Armenia etc., as well as countless recitals along side saxophonists such as Garbis Dedeian, Dan Mândrilă, Nicolas Simion, pianists Johnny Răducanu, Mircea Tiberian, Ion Baciu Jr., Puiu Pascu, Petrică Andrei, Marius Vernescu, Ciprian Cornita, Cristian Aurelian Gheorghe, Alexandru Borșan, bassists (on either double bass or electric bass) Ovidiu  Bădilă, Decebal Bădilă, Gopo Popescu, Cătălin Rotaru, Pedro Negrescu, Laurențiu Horjea, Ionuţ Baranga, Cătălin Răsvan, Adrian Flautistu, drummers Tudy Zaharescu, Titi Herescu, Eugen Nichiteanu, Lucky Păiş, Adrian Ştefănescu, Dinu Simon, Laurentiu Ștefan, Liviu Pop, Laurentiu Zmău, trumpet players Nelu Marinescu, Emil Bîzgă, Ion Leonte, Dan Nicolau,  trombonists Nicu Dumitrescu, Nicolae Farcaș, Cristian Getz, Vali Dogaru etc., as a leader or as a member of different bands.

Between 1993 and 1997 he played in Germany as a member of Solo Group, which gave concerts and recitals in clubs from München, Bad Reichenhall, Berchtesgaden, Regensburg and Salzburg, and in the last years he led a quintet named Jazz Challenge and was a member of Ethnotic Project, featuring vocalist Irina Sârbu, a band which recorded the album Șapte Scări (Seven Stairs).

In September 2018, he toured Armenia as a member of trumpetist Yervand Margaryan’s quartet, alongside Nara Arachelyan (piano), Surik Zaqaryan (bass) and Narek Khechumyan (drums), playing six concerts in Yerevan, Charentsavan and Vanadzor.

This short portrait would’t be complete if we failed to mention that, besides his jazz-related pursuits, Capriel Dedeian wrote music for films such as „The Tell-Tale Heart” (2013) directed by Vlad Genescu, „Armenopolis” (2014) directed by Izabela Bostan Kevorkian si Florin Kevorkian, „Noravank” (2014) directed by Izabela Bostan Kevorkian and Florin Kevorkian, „Hagigadar” – The Recapture of Hope (2015) directed by Florin Kevorkian and Izabela Bostan Kevorkian, „Booking My Last Dance” (2015) directed by Vlad Genescu, the theatrical play „Strunga dintre moarte și viață” (The Pass Between Life And Death) (2015) – directed by Florin Kevorkian etc.

For the young guitarists musical practice, Capriel Dedeian provides complex harmonies, written as actual notes on the stave as well as complete chord symbols, to help familiarize guitarists with the evolved, professional language used in high-level jazz.

Intro by Florian Lungu

Website admin L.E.: Capriel Dedeian has passed away on August 22 2022. May his SOUL rest in PEACE.